【Official】Nishiizu Koyoi

How to enjoy KOYOI Style

Once you step into this facility, you can see the ocean and the golden sunset that spread out over the sophisticated lobby.
You can see the ocean from your room or bathtub, and hear the sound of waves and the sea breeze.
Dinner is a creative kaiseki cuisine that enjoys the delicacies of the mountains and seas.
You can enjoy KOYOI Style luxury when talking about the hospitality of local sake and wine.
The setting sun over Suruga Bay, the sea, and the distant Fuji of Mt.
When you want to make someone special smile, please come to Nishiizu Koyoi.

Nishiizu Koyoi's recommendation

  • Cuisine

    You can enjoy the deep sea gourmet of Nishiizu Heda.
    In addition to sashimi that incorporates the bounty of the sea of Izu Peninsula, you can enjoy seasonal ingredients.
    Only Heda can eat Japanese Spider Crab!
  • Rooms

    Bathe in the sea breeze, listen to the sound of the waves, gaze at the glittering sea and blend in with nature.
    You can enjoy an extraordinary experience in a relaxing Japanese space.
  • Hot Springs

    You can also take a leisurely soak in the open-air bath while gazing at Suruga Bay.
    You can relax in the spacious indoor bath and close your eyes to reset your daily fatigue!
    Please take a relaxing bath in a quiet hot spring.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Nishiizu Koyoi


3878-86 Toda, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Car:Tomei Numazu IC - Mishima - Shuzenji Temple - Heda(About 90 minutes)
Train:"Odoriko-go" Tokyo - Shuzenji Temple - Heda Port(About 2 hours)

Shuttle service available(conditions)
There is a shuttle service to Heda Port.
*Reservation required
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Ranking of popular inns where you can see the sunset

  • National 3rd place award!

    Based on the number of guests and the number of nights (= number of guests x number of nights) for domestic travel from February 1, 2021 (Monday) to January 31, 2022 (Monday), the travel reservation service "Rakuten Travel" "Popular inn ranking where you can see the sunset" has been announced.

    Among the registered accommodation facilities included in the ryokan category nationwide,
    For accommodation plan that state that you can see the sunset,
    As a result of ranking in order of number of guests and number of nights,
    We won 3rd place nationwide!

Service manager makes TV debut?!

  • Powerful Service Manager Mr. Sasahara

    Nishiizu Koyoi on BS Yoshimoto's popular program "~Cheekies Channel~".
    We welcome Mr. Fuji, a popular entertainer who lives in Shizuoka,
    Izu's specialty service manager, Sasahara service manager attended.
    Is there laughter, is there emotion? Check out the shoot!


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